America Badly Needs More Imagineers

America has always been one of the most innovative countries in the world, and that has been one of our greatest assets.  But now as companies can reach overseas more and more they can reach for innovations overseas.  And as this happens the innovativeness of the USA, and hence a key value of the USA, gradually declines.  America needs more imagineers to create more successful innovations right here in the USA.  Otherwise, we are a country that is going downhill.  It would be a very bad mistake to give away our highly valuable imagineering capabilities.

Top Technical Companies Need More Imagineers

From a personal point of view you should realize that the top technical companies of the USA, such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc., want and need imagineers.  They have them, and are determined to get more of them.  That makes a very big contribution to their value, and also makes them more interesting places to work.

They can get Imagineers in the USA, but also elsewhere

These companies will first try to get their imagineers in the USA, but if they do not find enough of the imagineers they want in this country they do not hesitate to look for them elsewhere.  They will bring them in from overseas.  They have even had the government establish a law, called H-1B, that allows them to provide special visas to overseas applicants with a high degree of technical knowledge, and an interest in imagineering.

There are now more imagineers who come from outside this country than there should be in the top technical companies of America.  This situation needs to change.  You can help to change it by joining one of those companies, but to do that you have to be a competent Imagineer.

STEM with Imagineering is More Fun and More Valuable

Not only does being an Imagineer increase the probability of joining a high level company, it has a number of other values as well.  It definitely will make your work life more interesting and more fun, filled with challenges, changes, and excitement.  It also can substantially increase the value of your work and the size of your paycheck.

Imagineering is an art, so that STEM with Imagineering becomes STEAM, and becomes something that you can get all steamed up about.

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